Endometriosis Tackling the real, often overlooked struggles of living with endometriosis in Scotland

You don’t have to manage thisalone

Endometriosis isn’t a straightforward health condition. It’s a daily challenge that affects every aspect of life, from crippling pain and mental health problems to pressures with work and relationships. It’s a constant challenge for some. But with the right information and support, you can manage your symptoms and live a great life.

Endo SOS brings reliable, down-to-earth support and information relevant to those living in Scotland

Our mission?

To empower women, and those assigned female at birth, with the knowledge and community support they need. Ensuring no one has to navigate this journey alone.

We’re here to advocate, educate, and stand with you. Join us, and let’s face this together.

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Tao McCready: Charity Founder

My story started in a similar place to many women. I was misdiagnosed for over 17 years with conditions like IBS, bad back and borderline personality disorder, all because my doctor didn’t believe the symptoms I was experiencing.

After multiple miscarriages, the only avenue left for me to take was my fertility, and that’s when answers started appearing.

In 2017, I was formally diagnosed with deep endometriosis. I thought that was the end of my struggle. Only to quickly realise all my GP could do for me was suggest I look for information online. However inappropriate this advice was, that’s what I did.

But, at that time, it was difficult to sort facts from opinions online. That’s when I decided to create a place where people could find relevant and up-to-date endometriosis information specific to Scotland.

With no local support available, I thought, “Well, if no one else is going to, I’ll do it myself”. Considering this condition affects one in ten people assigned female at birth, I knew I couldn’t be the only one in need. Our first Facebook group was born.

I dedicated every spare minute to attending seminars, reading up on endometriosis, and connecting with world-renowned endometriosis specialists.

The Facebook group quickly grew, highlighting how many people were struggling.

During the pandemic, I met Jo. She reached out to me, highlighting the need for Scotland to speak with a unified voice. That’s when we joined forces. Jo encouraged me to take the steps to become an independent support group in Scotland, which later became Endo SOS.

Now, Endo SOS embodies my ethics, values, and attitude towards helping others, but is far bigger than just me.

“Multiple miscarriages and being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, all because the doctor didn’t listen to me”

Tao McCready

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