We are fuelled by your support

Get creative: Fundraising ideas

Fundraising plays a massive role in our efforts. Without your ongoing support, we could not provide the comprehensive support, awareness, and information that people living with endometriosis in Scotland need.

Your involvement as a fundraiser will significantly impact the lives of many.

Remember, no amount of fundraising is too small

Every penny you raise directly supports the endometriosis community in the South of Scotland. With your help, we can continue to provide essential support and resources, and create a world where endometriosis is understood and properly managed.

Start today!

Ready to make a difference? Contact us to get started with your fundraising idea. We can provide you with resources, advice, and support to make your event a success. Share your fundraising journey with us on social media and inspire others to join the cause.

Your effort is very much appreciated and can bring about real change to those living with endometriosis.

Together, we can create a supportive community that empowers and unites.

Fundraise your way

From cake bakes and craft sales, to sponsored walks or marathons, there are countless ways to fundraise.