Visiting your GP

Advice on preparing for appointments when you have endometriosis symptoms


You might be nervous about visiting your General Practitioner (GP) for the first time. Or perhaps you’ve spoken with your GP in the past but felt unheard. Reading this page will help you prepare to get the most out of your appointment.

Getting the most out of your appointment

When managing endometriosis, visits to your GP are crucial. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your appointment:

  • Keep a symptoms diary Keeping a detailed record of your symptoms, including their frequency, intensity, and any triggers or relief methods, will be very helpful. This information can be invaluable for your GP to understand your condition better.
  • Prioritise your problems Due to limited time during appointments, try to focus on one or two key issues that you want to discuss. If you have more concerns, consider scheduling another appointment.
  • Prepare your questions Make a list of questions you have for your GP. Being organised will help you avoid forgetting about important things affecting your health.
  • Bring your medical history If you’re visiting a new GP, bring your medical history and any relevant test results. This helps your doctor to have a complete picture of your health status and progress.
  • Take a friend or family member If you think it might help, take a family member or friend with you for support. They can also help you remember information from the appointment so you can add that to your records.

If you feel you might forget what your doctor says, you can use your mobile device to record your appointment. Remember to tell your doctor that you will be filming, and why.

Questions you might want to ask your doctor:

  • What treatment options are available to me?
  • What side effects could this treatment cause?
  • How long can I be on this treatment?
  • What subtype is my endometriosis?
  • Do I need to be referred to a specialist centre?
  • Will this affect my fertility?
  • Would I benefit from surgery?
  • If so, do you perform excision or ablation?
  • If put on the list for laparoscopy, how long is the wait?
  • What lifestyle changes might help?
  • How else can I manage my symptoms?
  • Are there any other options available to me?

Remember, clear communication with your GP will help you manage your endometriosis effectively.

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